The City of Fort Lauderdale is working to create a resilient, livable community that is safe and convenient to bicycle, walk and take transit. The City is working to accomplish this goal through a multipronged approach including education, engineering, enforcement, encouragement and evaluation. The City of Fort Lauderdale completed a comprehensive visioning process with its neighbors that created the Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale 2035 Vision of the city for the year 2035. We Are Connected was ranked the top priority for the residents of the city. The vision for the streets includes making multimodal improvements were neighbors can choose the mode of transportation to use for their daily needs and that they will be able to move seamlessly and easily through a safe transportation system. The City has a Transportation & Mobility Department that is dedicated to this goal and has been working on bicycle initiatives including adding new facilities, developing a Safety Action Plan, promoting awareness through events such as an Open Streets, and facilitating safety education. An implementation plan for Fast Forward was developed called Connecting the Blocks. This program identifies bicycle, pedestrian and transit improvements needed to meet the Complete Streets policy adopted by the City Commission in October 2013.