In 2007, the Miami Beach City Commission adopted the Atlantic Greenway Network (AGN) Master Plan also known as the Bike Master Plan. This master plan was focused on internal connectivity for bicycles by way of a continuous network of on-street bicycle facilities, shared-paths, Beachwalks, and Baywalks, and on creating connections between the City network and the County’s and State regional bicycle network.

As an outcome of the AGN Master Plan, the City has constructed over 15 miles of bicycle facilities and has over seven more miles in construction and design stages. The AGN Master Plan was intended to be a dynamic plan that should be updated as the City evolves and transforms itself into a bicycle-friendly community. In 2012, the City began the effort of updating the AGN Master Plan with the help of an urban planning firm. The City implemented two evaluation phases, which include reviewing of the AGN Master Plan and developing alternatives for improving the connectivity deficiencies along the current network. Other initiatives include the Miami Beach Bike Sharing Program, Bicycle Safety Campaign, Miami Beach Community Bike Ride, and Bike to School Day. See here for the full Miami Beach Bicycle Program.