South Miami


The City of South Miami adopted the South Miami Intermodal Transportation Plan (SMITP), which identified a coordinated set of phased multimodal improvements with a focus on pedestrian and bicycle mobility. The SMITP aims to enhance the pedestrian network of sidewalks, crossings, roadway improvements, shared use (bike-ped) facilities, and neighborhood greenways throughout the City, connecting residential areas with downtown shopping and dining, transit facilities (Metrorail and BRT) and M-Path. A main priority of the SMITP is to provide a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and residents through infrastructure improvements. The plan was adopted in early 2015 and was funded by Metropolitan Planning Organization and People's Transportation Plan.

The first project based on the SMITP will be the SW 64th Street Bike Lanes project, which will create bike lanes providing an east-west connection along SW 64th Street connecting SW 57th Avenue to SW 62nd Avenue. This project will be funded by the Community Development Block Grant.

Furthermore, the City of South Miami anticipates completion of the Complete Streets Policy & Design Manual by February 2016. This project will build upon the SMITP and establish policies to ensure future development adheres to the adopted complete streets principles. This project is funded by the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Health Foundation of South Florida.

The City of South Miami is hosting WHEELS, November 11 to 15, which is 5-day event that includes a conference, street bash, bike rides and more, to promote bicycling in South Florida. For more information, please click here.